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Camel Ride Marrakech

Marrakech Stone Desert, Palm Groves & Wadis 
A fun activity away from the bustling souks and museums of Marrakech suitable for adults or children. Despite being situated close to the city you can still explore a small rural village, enjoy sweet mint tea and Berber hospitality.
Camel Ride
Camel Ride
Camel Ride
Camel Ride
  • Ride a Malian camel for an hour and a half

  • A fun, child-friendly activity

  • Experience stone desert

  • Discover Berber villages

  • Ride through palm groves

  • Mint tea & pancake break at a local home

Camel Ride

If you are feeling active and fancy a change of scenery away from the bustling souks, shops, palaces and museums of Marrakech, why not consider a camel ride through the beautiful stone desert and palm groves of Marrakech? Children and adults can enjoy camel riding just a few minutes’ drive from Marrakech. 

The camel, known as the ‘ships of the desert’ is a remarkable animal and provide us with a relaxing way to enjoy the peace and quiet of the Marrakech desert. Once you’ve found your balance and got used to the very rhythmic motion a camel makes it's great fun! You’ll enjoy a break in a little village. Here you can stretch your legs, sip hot tea and enjoy Berber hospitality. Discover the millennial mud walls and clever hammams still in use today and how the aridity of the land unravels into a rich tapestry of tastes, flavours and myriad shades of red as the light changes across the landscape. 


Experience for a while the magic of the desert caravans that once plied these same paths between the Sahara and the Atlantic. There will be plenty of time for some fun photos and a chance to get to know your camel well!  This trip is operated by a specialist and very experienced local company. This family-friendly excursion can be tailored, on demand, to suit you and your parties tastes for exploration and adventure, all within the comfort of Marrakech.


0845 (or 1345)   Pick-up from riad or hotel. Time may vary by 15 mins depending on pick-up point 

0930 (or 1430)   Arrive at the camel base. Safety and camel briefing. Cheich headwear fitted

1000 (or 1500)   Depart on camel trek circuit with leader/guide who is familiar with the terrain


1200 (or 1700)   Return to camel base for debrief, photos and departure transfer to your hotel 

1245 (or 1745)   Drop-off and end of tour 


The camel base operates year-round, is fully equipped and has toilets, cold drinks and Wi-Fi. Choose either a morning or afternoon tour.


Take your camera, closed sports shoes, comfortable clothing, sunscreen & warm clothes (and a windbreaker) for winter sun. Avoid shorts or skirts. Minimum 2. Maximum weight 100 kg

Prices from £48 / 600 dirhams

Group Size        £GBP      Dirhams
Adult 12+     £48     600

Child 0-11    £24     300

Children under 12 must ride with an adult. 


Pick-up/drop-off from your hotel or riad (5 km or less from Marrakech) with transfers to/from camel base; hire of saddled camel; guide; cheich (traditional head scarf), bottled water for the ride; tea & snack break with a local family; limited liability insurance  


There may be a small additional transport charge for pick-up/drop-offs at accommodation outside of Marrakech medina, Hivernage or Gueliz; tips; personal risk insurance; extras not included. 

Camel Riding Marrakech

Lots of opportunities for photos - but take a strap for your camera or phone

Camel Ride Marrakech (8)

Camel riding is easy - but we'd recommend avoiding both ends!

Camel Ride Marrakech (7)

After a few tentative steps you'll feel like Lawrence of Arabia

Camel Ride Marrakech (5)

Camel riding is a fun experience for any age group

Camel Ride Marrakech (6)

On our way into the stone desert


Hundreds of people have enjoyed this trip and we are proud of our customer satisfaction levels. 

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